The Hampstead Kitchen

As our name suggests, our kitchen is based in Hampstead, North London. We are dedicated in providing private chefs & bespoke catering to our locals in Hampstead & neighbouring areas in and around London.

Our clients are as diverse as our food which include Celebs, Dotcom Millionaires, Presidents, Politicians & even Royalty. We travel the globe for our clients delivering the best curated dining experiences.

Our distinctive food, flavours & stylish presentation is what we have become renowned for. A party that is catered by the Hampstead Kitchen is an unforgettable dining experience for both the guests & the hosts. Who says the hosts can't enjoy the party too?


Our Approach To Food..

Where are the sample menus? Here at The Hampstead Kitchen we believe every party has an individual flair meaning every one of our menus is unique & bespoke. We select exceptional dishes that are truly influenced by the client, their event & their guests.

Our dishes take inspiration from different dining cultures from around the world especially from the Mediterranean (Greek, Spanish & Italian), Middle East & Persia cuisine.

We specialise in vibrant, seasonal & flavoursome food which is beautifully styled to be abundantly shared. All our food is freshly cooked, every day on request. We aim to use organic produce, no additives or preservatives

Sourcing our quality products using local & international suppliers allows us to deliver an array of interesting & distinctive flavours for our clients to let our food do all the talking.

Organic Seasonal Produce

Attention To Detail

From intimate private gatherings in the home to lavish banquets and business lunches, we deliver the highest quality to make your event or party different to the rest. We put our all energy into creating an sociable & enjoyable dining experience for you and your guests.

Taste & presentation go hand in hand which is why we focus all our care & effort into tailoring our food style and service to meet the needs of our clients both locally & around the world.

We ensure we only take a handful of events daily to ensure every client get a beautiful curated dining experience. So whether its a intimate family gathering or a large party you still get the Hampstead Kitchen treatment every time. Just see what Our Clients say about us!


How we started..

The panicked call from a friend's Aunt, began The Hampstead Kitchen's journey. Her private chef had cancelled on her last minute, leaving her desperate to find a replacement to cater to guests arriving from all over the world. My name came up as I was used to hosting large dinner parties at my home. I found myself hesitantly agreeing and turned up with all my spices, platters & table linen. With less than 4 hours till the guests arrived I had manged to turn the ingredients for a French fine dining meal into a Persian mezze banquet for sharing.

The reaction to my food & presentation style was positive, it was safe to say the party was a huge success. I thought that was the end of the evening until some of the guests requested my details to cater their parties both in London & South of France. I had enjoyed the evening and thought why not.

I started to gain clients through word of mouth, requesting our sharing banquet of events. Word soon spread about a banker cooking for high-end dinner parties, and I became fully booked with a six-month wait list. With this spark, no company name, no business cards, website, or social media presence the seed was sown for The Hampstead Kitchen.

I focused on creating food from cultures where food is an integral part of the cultures and best enjoyed when shared together with family & friends. I was fortunate to have grown up in a household where food was a huge deal and hosting huge dinner parties was a regular occurrence. I especially loved the sharing of big & small plates with different taste, texture & colours all cascaded in the middle of a huge dining table, and people sitting around, eating and socialising. Using both my knowledge of food from my travels and recipes shared in street markets by the local women. I focused on dishes from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Persia & Indian Subcontinent.

Meanwhile, I was still juggling my career in Global Risk Management for a successful US conglomerate on Wall Street. I loved both Finance & Food, so continued to juggle my career with my newfound business for two years of travelling back and forth from New York to London. Later a chance meeting with Warren Buffett in a waiting lounge talking about life and risks was the momentum that I needed to take the next step. I finally left behind a 20-year secure career & invested all my money into a private catering business. With so much at stake & without any formal training it just felt right.

The Hampstead Kitchen has always been something bubbling away in the background and then a panicked phone call & chance meeting put me back on track. Having worked in most financial cities around the world, I have been blessed to experience some of the most stunning food & learnt the most unusual dishes that I can offer, my clients. It's because of my rich experiences & travels that have culminated in setting up The Hampstead Kitchen. What started from my tiny kitchen in Hampstead has now turned into a thriving business serving the local community and beyond.

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Our Clients & Events...

Our reputation amongst our local community & clients around the globe is at the core success of our business. Being recommended word of mouth by our locals and even well known celebs business men & royalty is a real honour. Watching our food & service reputation grow amongst our clients both local and abroad has been rewarding and humbling. We’ve catered for over 5,000 events from Family Dinners, lunch parties, Weddings, Christenings, Bar mitzvahs, & seasonal parties like Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year and even Funerals & Memorials

There is a huge demand for private catering around the sharing concept with food being beautifully styled to share with family & friends. Our clients are well travelled & have a discerning palette and always looking for something different. Our focus has always been the client and to create dishes & menus based on local fresh & seasonal produce.

We have had the pleasure to collaborate with some amazing companies & charities around the globe. We even have three of our recipes featured alongside side other top London Chef in a cookbook called #CookForSYRIA to raise funds for UNICEF NEXTGEN project. I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading our humble beginnings and what we have achieved in this small time. Please keep in touch by following, liking & joining us on our food journey on social media and see what we get up to next. See you soon.


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