Private Cooking Class with ​Anissa Helou - Top Syrian Chef

A unique opportunity to step into Anissa's kitchen to teach me my favourite Syrian & other Levants dishes. I w

A Persian Banquet in my parents hometown of Islamabad, Pakistan

Cooking with produce from another country is always exciting. you never know quite how its going to taste or turn out. I was asked by family & friends to recreate a typical Persian & Middle Eastern banquet.

Meatopia UK - Festival for serious meat lovers

1 day, 3,500 people, 25 chefs & 22,000 dishes. We teamed up with Tayyabs in Whitechapel who are known not just in London but around the world for their signature lamb chops, Richard Turner the brains behind Meatopia loved their lamb chops so much…

​Booraniyeh Esfenaj - Caramelised Onions & Spinach swirled in thick yogurt

This is now referred to as the Magic dip, and is loved by everyone. Its versatile and goes with everything particularly lamb. I learned this dish from Ariana Bundy’s book “Pomegranates & Roses” Best Persian cook book. This dish dates back to the 11th…

Chicken Skewers - marinated with Lemon & Za'atar covered in pistachio dust

A firm favourite of my original clients, who still love making these. So easy to make, actually I only believe in simple recipes. try this out and see for yourself how amazing this is.

Pomegranates - How to deseed them

We get asked all the time how to do this. We go through an average of 40-50 pomegranates a week. They are integral to making our food both taste & look colourful.

Collaboration with Arganic at Maltby Street Market

The lovely Dana from Arganic invited us to cook some Persian dishes using her beautiful argan oil at Maltby Street Market. We often do collaborations keep posted to see where we will pop up next

Smoked aubergine with feta, chill & mint on baked sea salt & cumin pitta crisps

Forget doritas and salsa, this nibble, mezze or canapé whatever you want to call it is so versatile. This was created by chance for a Super Bowl party and became a firm favourite with our clients and friend. Go on give it a try.

Our Videos

Take a peek at what we do and how we do it. There will more video showing how to make some of dishes and tips on creating a great dinner party.

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