North London Ladies Social

A group of successful female entrepreneurs wanted to host a networking event in Maida Vale. They couldn't find a venue so we created this event for them, this was open to all women based in North London in the creative design sector. We know…

Arabic short​bread filled with Dates & Nuts - Ma’amoul

Think of a beautiful shortbread filled with grey dates & nuts. This is so easy to make and something unusual to ave as a afternoon tea. This goes really well with a mint or cardamon tea or arabic coffee. Try it with a few different filling, we love…

Arabesque Garden Party - under the stars

This social was a feast for all the senses, sights of a arabesque setting with a our smell of frankincense from Oman and Middle eastern music being played in the background. Lanterns and lamps lit all over the garden with fabrics draped to create…

True Religion - The Art of Jeans

This was the first time we attempted to miniaturise our food. Not a easy feat as we are used to creating food with abundance to be enjoyed. This was such a huge hit and now our canapés are called mezzapes by out clients. Not quite bite sized but…

Our most requested recipe - ​Slow roasted lemon & za'tar chicken

This recipe is the most requested recipe from my clients, as the chicken is chargrilled it’s brilliantly tender and juicy inside guaranteed.With this foolproof recipe you will never have dry, bland chicken ever again.

The Chefs Table - held at our founders kitchen table

Once a month we invite 6 guests to join us at our Founders actual kitchen table, where the business started. Guests around the table vary from journalists, chefs, bloggesr and anyone who follows us on social media. This is held once a month, and its…

Gujarati Thali Social - Little bowls of the most amazing vegetarian Food

The most amazing vegetarian for ever. a beautiful plate of the most interesting little mini bowls of rice, lentil and various vegetarian dishes, alls pisces in their now unique way. This was a private social & a mini masterclass

Pan Roasted Sea bass with garlic, chilli & walnut Chermoula

A Sea Bass recipe so easy that will impress anyone you cook it for. We love this as its a real crowd pleaser, and we also love that none expects salmon when we are cooking for our clients. We do love salmon, but just want to give something investing…

Our Videos

Take a peek at what we do and how we do it. There will more video showing how to make some of dishes and tips on creating a great dinner party.

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